TNPSC Group 2 Interview Questions 2019

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TNPSC Group 2 Interview Questions 2019


1) why choose medical department after civil engineering?
2) civil construction in tamilnadu
3) height, length,breath of mettur dam
4) volume of mettur dam
5) salem over bridge
6) health dept minister
7) mgr university vice chancellor
8) Doctor strike
9) medical colleges in tamilnadu
10) doctors and GH in tamilnadu
11) 108,1962
12) incase u call ambulance not came what r u do?
13) doctor involving in strike percentage?
14) what is say our pm India GDP about after 5 yrs?
15) what is difference between 17 a,17b?
16) what is difference between with and without cumulative effect?
17) list out minor and major punishments

18)  What is India’s Food Production?
19) Where did you studied?
20) GI tag from Pollachi
21) GI tag from Coimbatore
22) Major Rivers in Coimbatore
23) What is Kalam Sat?
24) Speciality of Kalam Sat
25) From where Satellites are launched?
26) From where Missiles are launched?
27) Another name of Abdul Kalam Island
28) In which State Abdul Kalam Island is present?
29) Scientific definition of Food Production
30) Financial year?
31) Agriculture year?
32) Annual Rainfall of Tamilnadu
33) What is Budget?
34) What is GST?
35) Which crop is grown in Aaduthurai Research Station?
36) Which crop is grown in Kovilpatti Research Station?
37) What is Fasli year?
38) Which major crop that is grown in Coimbatore.. that helps to restore the ground water level?
39) What is the sex ratio in Kanyakumari?
40) TN gets higher rainfall in which season?
41) In which region both SWM AND NEM is poured?
42) Which job you prefer?


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